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Three hours on
the streets of London

It was my first time living abroad, being an art graduate student, and immersing myself in a new culture. In this unfamiliar environment, I encountered moments of self-doubt and experienced a low point in my life.

During this period, I faced conflicts with my family. Moreover, my struggle with depression and anxiety intensified, leading to deteriorating sleep quality and frequent insomnia. The stress of searching for part-time employment while attending graduate school compounded my challenges. The repeated rejection letters I received added to the burdens I carried.

At the peak of exhaustion and despair, I decided to embark on a performance art experiment on the streets of London. I displayed my inner struggles on a board, questioning whether anyone would notice or offer help to a person in need, even if that person appeared homeless. To my surprise, I was profoundly moved by the kindness and support I received from strangers during this experiment. Their conversations and gestures rekindled a sense of love and hope within me.

When I shared the video of my street performance on Chinese social media, it resonated deeply with many young people. Some even sharing that it brought them to tears. This response reinforced the idea that the power of hope lies within people—the ability to connect, support, and uplift one another.


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