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The Moon over the Mountain

"In fact, anyone is a tamer of the beast,

and that beast is nothing more than the temperament of each."

This series was inspired by the novel The Moon over the Mountain. The original novel tells the story of the poet who eventually turns into a tiger as his self-esteem and inferiority complex clash.

The protagonist is reluctant to be mediocre but finds it difficult to escape from it. He is conflicted and confused between belief and doubt as if a fierce beast lives in his heart. The landscape is like a mirror, reflecting the state of mind of each of us.




The Moon Over the Mountain.


It's like giving in to others,

how hard it is to realize my dream.


As time passed, my youthful energy faded and I grew uncertain of my aspirations.

I felt restless, my appearance grew gaunt and sharp, leaving only my shining eyes.


In the dark of night,

a fierce beast trailed me.

The light in my heart flickered,

and my temper grew harder to contain.


Until one day, it finally got the best of me,

the tiger in my heart devoured me.


 If others were to see me now, I fear they would mock me.

I worry that whether human or beast,

we all forget who we once were and become something else. 


 Perhaps soon, my inner beast will overcome my human nature, like the ancient palace slowly sinking into the sands.


I am scared I am not a valuable gem, but at the same time, I still believe I am valuable. I do not want to be mediocre, but my fear of trying has led me to alienate the world, feeding my growing sense of indignity and shame, and fueling my weakened self-esteem.

Sketch & Process:

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