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" Still on the way to becoming an artist and designer. " 

Ziyao Lin's work is concerned with humanity and nature, the ethics of technology, women's rights, and individual psychology. Her creative forms often include digital art, illustration, installation.


Ziyao Lin was born in October 1999, in a small town on the southeast coast of China. Her mother once said that at the height of her family's poverty, they only had 300 RMB, which meant that they only had enough money to buy a can of milk powder for her.

Growing up in a town with a deeply ingrained patriarchal mentality, Ziyao defied traditional beliefs that “women are useless” and made every effort to challenge them.

Every difficult choice she has made in life has shaped her perceptions and creative journey. The ordinary yet twisted stories she has experienced have become a part of her artwork, and have contributed to her sensitive and contradictory character.

Ziyao took up painting at the age of six and received artistic training in high school and university. She often had to make a tough balance between prioritizing her livelihood, symbolized by "bread", and her passion for art, represented by "love". Despite the challenges, she didn't give up on her love for art, as she had to "look down and pick up sixpences, but also look up and see the moon."


She chose art simply because she was drawn to and inspired by the field, not because she had aspirations of becoming an artist. Ziyao Lin is still on her artistic journey and will always be pursuing it.

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2022 - 2023

Goldsmiths, University of London

  • Postgraduate of Digital Media

2018 - 2022

Central Academy of Fine Arts

  • Bachelor of Digital Media Art

Selected Awards:


Ars Electronica, S+T+ARTS Prize, Nomination (2023)

The third Climate Creatives Challenge, Commended Entry (2023)

Aesthetica Art Prize, Longlist Artist (2023)

Shenzhen Global Design Award, Bronze Award (2023)

C-IDEA Design Award, New Star Award (2023)


Beijing Youth Design List, Top Ten New Designers of the Year (2022)

Asian New Generation Design, Gold Award (2022)

Design360°  Graduation Design of the Year Award (2022)

Designnova International Innovation Competition, Bronze Award (2022)

Tsinghua SDG Research Institute Climate Solution Innovation Competition, Top11 (2022)

Central Academy of Fine Arts, Outstanding Graduation Work, Second Prize (2022)

Central Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design Group Final Project, First Prize (2022)

The 6th Environmental Protection Art Creation Contest, Silver Award (2022)


Hiii Illustration Competition, Finalist (2021)

Golden Block International Design Award, Merit Award (2021)


OPPO Renovators - Emerging Artists, Top 100 Finalists (2020)


The 7th Most Beautiful China Photography Competition, Best Colour Award (2019)

Central Academy of Fine Arts Social Practice Exhibition, Outstanding Individual (2019)


CGDA Visual Communication Design Award, Gold Award (2018)

Angkor Cultural Creative Design Award, The Second Prize (2018)


Selected Exhibitions:


· "Virtuality and Reshaping" Contemporary Art Exhibition (Jiangxi Art Museum, Nanchang, China, 2023)

· "What is Art Festival" Artist Group Exhibition (Kulangsu Art Park , Xiamen, China, 2023)

· "Synthetic Living – Image Art in Digital Era", Chengdu International Photography Week (Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chengdu, China, 2023)

·The 16th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia (International Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia, 2023)

· "The Next Thing Awards" 10 Short Films Exhibition (Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre, Manchester, United Kingdom, 2023)

·GUI2023 Second International Digital Art Exhibition and Development Forum

(Beijing Xu Beihong Culture and Art Exchange Centre, Beijing, China, 2023)

·Future Unknown 2.0 "Eco Visionary Project - SHENG" Exhibition (Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2023)

·Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition (Yorkshire Museum, York, United Kingdom, 2023)


· "Trigger" Exhibition- CAFA Institute of Technology Art Research (Hengtong International Business Park, Beijing, China, 2022)

·Infinity and Boundlessness Interactive Experience Exhibition of Youth Art Works (Sydney Chinese Cultural Center, Sydney, Australia, 2022) (Madrid Chinese Cultural Center, Madrid, Spain, 2022)

·Beijing Youth Design List Exhibition (Future Design Park, Zhangjiawan Design Town, Beijing, China, 2022)


·Ginkgo Bud Art x Public Welfare Experimental Exhibition (Dahua 1935 Theatre, Xi'an, China, 2019)

Selected Film Festivals:


Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions - Lift-Off Global Network

Muestra Cortos de la Polis Joven- San José, Sabanilla

Black Snapper International Film Festival - Macquarie University

15th International Inter University Short Film Festival - Dhaka University Film Society

Reel Launchers Film Festival - Portland, Oregon

Academic Conferences and Publications:

SIGGRAPH Asia XR -Limit Situation

Leonardo Journal - The power of poor AI: Exploring the potential for defiance and the nature of disruption 

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